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Here you can find things of both trivia and importance to club members. If you are a member and have something that you'd like the rest of the club, and possibly the rest of the world, to know about then let the webmaster know so we can publish it here. 

December 2012 
  We are delighted to report that Jimmy, 2E0EYP has now passed the Advanced exam for his full licence.  Congratulations to Mike Zero Hotel Golf Yankee !  
  Congratulations and commiserations too, for Brian, G3UJE whose individual entry into the 2012 CQ WW 160 CW contest which occured in January has resulted in runner-up position, narrowly beaten by M5O who scored fewer QSOs, but more multipliers.  2013's event soon comes up, so we wish the best of luck to Brian in that.  
  February 2013  
  The club held its AGM this month, and is glad to report that we achieved 100% attendance- the whole group turned up!

Thanks were made to Jim, G3VDB who has served the club as Treasurer for the past 3 years. Gerry M0VAA has agreed and was duly elected to take over the task.

Tom, M1EYP was appointed as Contest Manager.

A full set of minutes is available from the Club Secretary.
  April 2013
At the monthly meeting the membership were pleased to welcome Simon, M0TGT as a new member.
  October 2014  
  The Tall Trees won the 2014 80m Club Championships (Local Club Section) RSGB Contest for the first, but hopefully not the last time, and as a consequence were awarded the G5RV Trophy. Several members were in attendance to participate in the award presentation made to the club's chairman G3KAF. See picture below:-
G5RV Trophy presentation
From left to right: G3TDH, G3UJE, G3KAF, G3VDB, G3WKL (RSGB President, Dr. John Gould), M0VAA and GW4ZAR  
  February 2015
The club meeting held on the evening of Thursday 12th was the A.G.M. Almost the entire membership attended to receive reports from the committee and to participate in voting. All existing committee members were re-elected unopposed. Minutes are available from the club secretary.
  October 2015
The Tall Trees won, for the second year running, the 80m Club Championship (Local section) and this time were presented with the Horace Freeman trophy. 
  May 2016
Tall Trees welcomed keen VHF contester Ray, G4BEE into the group, and he contributed to our 6m AC results for the first time.
  October 2016
Tall Trees were runners-up in the 80m Club Championship.
  November 2016
It was with great regret that we lost Phil G8WUY from our small group. He bacame a silent key on November 4th. Phil was a popular visitor at our meetings and despite fighting an illness over many months he still managed to get on the air occasionally and contributed to our competition events. He will be sadly missed by the entire club.